Barbora Špádová

Barbora Špádová


Falconers, falconers, falconers! I hear that in Klatovy they still don't know who owns the Falcon and they are crazy about it! So we'd like to introduce ourselves. Today Barbora.

🔲 What do you do for Falcon?
Programme production and communication.

🔲 What does Falcon mean to you?
Klatovy underground, offering cultural alternatives, volunteering.

🔲 What is your motivation to work for Falcon - even in the evening and even for free?
I want to offer people a different culture than the mainstream, to help connect different social groups, to break down barriers, to be part of it all.

🔲 What does Falcon offer people that makes it unique?
Falcon offers a quality cultural alternative, entertainment, dialogue, education, showing the beauty of unity in diversity, opening eyes and at the same time giving comfort and a sense of belonging. I missed such a space here in Klatovy.

🔲 What do you always like to go to the Falcon for?
To interesting music, Languarium Klatovy, slam poetry, theater or lecture and a chokecherry Cider Bohemia.

🔲 Which of the performers who have not been to the club yet would you invite to Falcon?
From the Czech ones, for example SPB, SRPR, Stinku, You son of a bitchesViennaCermaqueAnimal called AutumnThe Old Lady's Boudoir, Gaia Messiah and from foreign Garmarna (SWE), KATARÍNA MÁLIKOVÁ (EN), Lonker See (PL) or Dálava (CA).

🔲 You and art?
Besides music, I love textile art and the new circus. I try to be active in all these things.

🔲 What are you most looking forward to now?
At the UTOpije fest 2020.

🔲 What's guaranteed to make you the happiest?
Snail or sow.

🔲 What can't you live without?
Without music, lace, movement and tongues. See Less

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